PATROTIC Front PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili will be reprimanded for acting disrespectfully towards another party official.

And Mwila has announced that PF will commence party elections at all levels effective July 2018.

At a media briefing in Lusaka today, Mwila said the PF central committee had ruled that Kambwili must be sanctioned with a written reprimand for using derogatory and demeaning language towards another party official.

“May I therefore report that the central committee resolved to implement the recommendations of the disciplinary committee as presented and I quote; the committee therefore, recommends that the respondent, Hon Kambwili, be sanctioned with a written reprimand for acting disrespectfully towards another party official by using derogatory and demeaning language, the committee recommends that the complainant, Mr Nathan Chanda, be cautioned and advised to desist from invoking the President’s name unnecessarily,” Mwila said.

“Against this background, I will to announce that I will write to Hon Dr. Kambwili to reprimand him as resolved by the central committee. I will also write to Mr. Nathan Chanda to caution and advise him accordingly.

It is important that we state our desire to promote a culture in our party where we can be united and move together as a team. As such, I am glad to report that the central committee directed that a team be set up to facilitate reconciliation between Dr Kambwili and Mr Chanda. The team will be headed by our Party Vice-President Her Honour Inonge Mutukwa Wina.”

Mwila also cautioned party officials against indiscipline.

“We also wish to inform you that the central committee deliberated on the matter of the growing trend by some of our senior members to play to the gallery. The central committee strongly cautioned against such indiscipline. On my part as implementer of central committee resolutions, I will ensure that the directive is followed strictly,” he said

And Mwila announced that the PF would hold a general conference in 2020.

“The central committee passed a resolution to commerce party elections effective July 2018. The party will conduct elections at all levels starting with the section up to province leading to the general conference that is scheduled for April 2020. A work plan for these elections will be circulated to all our party officials so that they can start making necessary arrangements for the fulfillment of this important exercise in our party. We must mention that new electoral guidelines will be made available in due course,” he said.

Meanwhile Mwila also announced that President Lungu had appointed Minister of Defence Davies Chama as the party’s chairperson for industry.