In this audio, former information minister Chishimba Kambwili says some people have become so drunk with power that they are now treating those who voted for them like dogs.

PF officials on the Copperbelt have been bickering over disloyalty to President Edgar Lungu, the most recent brawl being between former provincial minister Mwenya Musenge and provincial chairman Stephen Kainga.

Yesterday, Kambwili took on PF Luansya mayor Nathan Chanda accusing him of treating street venders like dogs.

Talking to journalists, Kamwbili said some people in the ruling party had become corrupted with too much power and warned that Zambians were watching.

Take a listen:

“When were campaigning as PF, we told people that if you vote for the UPND, they are going to remove you from the streets. But I think they have forgotten who voted for them. People are suffering; people don’t have any means of liveloods. Like in Luanshya there is no Market where people can trade from. So they are on the streets to earn a living… But Power corrupts and it must be checked. Some people are so drunk with unknown powers, forgetting that it’s the same people who voted for them,” said Kambwili.

“I feel sorry that people who voted for us in Luanshya are being treated like dogs. I want to tell that Nathan Chanda to know where his votes came from. He has to know that the people he wants to set police on to torment them are the people who voted for that boy. When we were campaigning, we told the people in the entire Copperbelt that ‘nobody will remove you from the streets’.”

Reacting to Kambwili’s statement, Chanda said the council had set up a place where street vendors would be relocated.

“All marketeers are being relocated from street vending to a well established market and other trading places. l pledged K150,000 as revolving fund also to help the marketeers maintain the new location, l further donated a K10,000 hard cash to help them facilitate the urgency needed,” said Chanda.

“I also gave a stern warning to those that may fail to comply to move out of streets as the law will visit them.”