Chief Kakoma of the Lunda people of Mwinilunga district in North Western Province this morning fumed in anger after police denied him entry into Lusaka Central Prison (Chimbokaila) where he went to visit incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking to News Diggers! in an interview shortly after he was denied entry, the traditional leader said he was afraid that police could follow and shoot him later for expressing himself about the state of affairs in Zambia.

“They kept me outside and I don’t know the reasons why. We are truly in a dictatorship, this is a dictatorship. Me I can call this dictatorship. The time when we got independence, we were One Zambia One Nation but today, at the end you will see this country divided, honestly speaking and am not afraid to say that. Let us love one another, If we love one another, we can build this country,” said Chief Kakoma.

“That is why am saying I don’t want to go deeper, maybe they will find me somewhere, they will shoot me. This is what is happening in Zambia now. Let us unite, let us work together, let us love one another so that we can go forward.”

He complained that police were treating every citizen like a politician.

“Am a Zambian and I am a father to all, but I am not a politician. If you want to build this country, let us love one another because politicians are not their for good, its just on terms and then another one comes. So now if you treat your fellow human being in that way, when he comes he will also revenge. chieftainship comes from God but politicians are just there for five years, after that we vote and then we go for another one. Even if the Bible says forgive your enemies, on the other hand you cannot see someone beating you and then you say no, ‘let me forgive’, no no no! The way the police have treated me is not good. I came to visit HH, but to be honest I am not happy,” Chief Kakoma said.

He said it was not his fault that people in his area voted for the opposition party.

“The whole lot of North western province there we have got MPs who are UPND, Councilors are UPND. Myself as a chief am there for everyone, but I only have got one vote. All people of North Western province voted for UPND. So now I came to see him. This is a political issue. This is our Zambia, am also Zambian but I am not happy that I was kept outside for 30 minutes, am not happy about that,” Chief Kakoma said.

He said the manner in which police treated him, gave him an understanding that HH’s case was politically motivated.

“Zambia is no longer a One Zambia One Nation, it’s half way. We have got police officers, police officers are here to maintain peace to each and everyone, but today! When you talk against government, they will follow you. Where are we going as a country. This man has not committed any criminal offense?”

Later after being joined by Chief Mukuni of Southern Province and some UPND officials, police allowed the traditional leaders to visit HH.