In this video, Chishimba Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu changed like a chameleon after getting a full term.

And Kambwili says he can win the Roan seat in his sleep, without campaigning but he will challenge his expulsion in court just to save the party from vultures.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says it is the “MMD vultures” who are misleading President Lungu into continuing with his kamwendo munjila tendency of Rupiah Banda.

Featuring on Muvi TV’s special edition of The Assignment programme at his house this morning, Kambwili complained that President Lungu hated him with a passion.

“Since I was fired, I have tried to meet the President one on one so that we can discuss where these differences are coming from but to no avail. Sometimes I go there and they tell you ‘wait here’, but you wait the whole day. When he was given the five years, he changed like a chameleon. You would agree with me that went to campaign for President Edgar Lungu in areas where the UPND had gained ground and threatened our existence because we believed in the man and he gave us a face that he could unite the party after Mr Sata, we were doing it for the love of the party and to save the party to avoid division in our great Patriotic Front but immediately he was given the mandate, the man changed like a chameleon. I will tell you something for nothing, and I think I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that President Lungu hates me with a passion and I will demonstrate,” Kambwili said.

He lamented that when he fell sick right after the 2016 elections, President Lungu did not care enough to even call him.

“Imagine the effort that I put in campaigning for him, I fell sick. I was extremely sick, I was admitted three days in ICU at Ndola hospital and I needed to be evacuated. The powers that be were informed, nothing happened. I was evacuated by my friends and of course with my personal resources. When I reached South Africa, the doctor was so shocked that I was able to fly for two hours. He said I need a well equipped ambulance. I was in the hospital three weeks at Morning Side but I never received not even one phone call from the president, secretary general or the vice-president. When I came back, the president never called but the vice-president called and she said she was not able to get through whilst I was in South Africa and I thanked her for that. All the people that have fallen sick in PF have been evacuated at government cost,” he complained.

“So you can see that everything that has happened, it is natural, you cannot force somebody to love you. Even as we were working, I knew the President doesn’t like me but I love the party so much and I had to work for the party and the president because he is the president of the party and he is the president of the nation. I have said before and I would like to say it again, loyalty defines a man. We must separate personal issues from the party.”

Kambwili also complained that the Head of State never recognized his hard work whilst in Cabinet.

“When the party lost so much popularity because of GBM in the northern, I started those programmes on Sunday Interview where we would explain what government was doing but the President never congratulated me, not even mentioning in Cabinet. The only time he congratulated me was when I was conferred with a doctorate. There he came and said ‘congratulations honorable Kambwili’…so you can see that I am crucified not for anything but because the man has something against me but I forbid him and I pray to God that ‘forgive him for he knows not what he does’. I don’t hate him, I have nothing against President Edgar Lungu and I want him to know that I campaigned for him with all my heart but alas I have been treated like rubbish,” he said.

“If you saw those first appointments to Cabinet, he dilly dallied and then he appointed me and from that time I knew that my days in PF are numbered. If you can ask my beautiful wife Carol, I confided in her and she said ‘yes, your days in PF are numbered’. As a family we are not surprised. When I was being sworn in, he said and I quote ‘some of you think because you campaigned too much you should be appointed, I am not going to do that, I am going to appoint people on merit who I think can deliver. And let me warn those who want to start campaigning for 2021 when there is a President, I want to warn you that I will not hesitate to fire you’.”

Kambwili revealed that he spent K2 million of his personal resources to campaign for President Lungu because the party did not give him any resources.

“When I was doing all those campaigns, I was just given a K50,000 and the rest I used my personal resources, I used about K2 million to campaign on behalf of the party and the President. I only received K50,000 from Amos Chanda who wired it to me when I was in Kasama. The whole period of the campaign I never received anything from President Edgar Lungu and yet he was giving so much money to other people. Some candidates were being given K30,000 every week but I was not funded. I went and campaigned because of the love for the party. I feel PF is my baby and when you start up something, you do not want this thing to collapse or to die,” he said.

And Kambwili also boasted that he did not waste time to campaign in his constituency in the last election because he knew that people loved him.

“I can tell you Roan is safe. Even if we went to an election, I am here in Lusaka, I am sleeping, I would win the Roan seat. I am going to court not to secure Roan but to save the PF from collapsing because if we leave PF the way they want us to leave it, I am telling you the consequences will be too grave to contemplate. And in any case, when you know that people want to push you out, it is not a good idea to surrender, you have to fight to the bitter end,” Kambwili said.

“I don’t want to disturb the programme. The people of Roan are suffering a lot and it would be selfish for me to go for a by election for me to prove a point that I am popular in Roan. I don’t want us to waste money. If our party will continue on this path, our party is destined from the political scene. I will challenge my expulsion to save the party from vultures. The president misled people that it was going to be a reconciliation meeting when it wasn’t. On the agenda there was no reconciliation…the only thing they were interested in was to expel honorable Chishimba Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge…There is room for reconciliation. Please accept divergent views if we have to build this party. I beg you, don’t destroy this party.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili condemned President Lungu’s international trips.

“Let me tell you, if someone says everything is fine in PF, they are misleading themselves. If today we had an election, PF would lose like nobody’s business unless we change the way we are doing things. Let me give you a typical example, when we were fighting MMD, one of the things we condemned very much was for the president to be travelling anyhow at any given time. Mr Sata even named Rupiah Banda ‘Kamwendo Munjila’ and we supported the fact that we don’t need our President to be travelling all the time, even where you can send a vice-president or minister. Because do you know how much it costs for a President to travel? Do you know how many people are in the President’s entourage when he is travelling? It is very expensive for a President to travel outside than a minister or vice-president. Some of these meetings should be attended by the vice-president, minister or even ambassadors,” said Kambwili.

“For instance, President Edgar Lungu went to Lesotho to the installation of a Prime Minister, he was the only substantive Head of State, the rest of the people who went there were ministers and vice-presidents. Now, if we condemn that the President must not travel so much, that our humble leader, President Edgar Lungu must not be travelling at the rate he has been travelling of late, it is because there are people who have come from the MMD who are okay with it because that is what they were doing. If there was Chishimba Kambwili in Cabinet, Mwenya Musenge, Wylbur Simuusa, we will say ‘Mr President, even though you say you want to travel, remember why we removed the MMD, it was because of these same issues’.”