Presidential Empowerment Fund patron Chanda Kabwe says Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili is just a bitter man who is trying to nurse his expulsion by painting the Head of State black.

Recently, Kambwili questioned President Lungu’s Presidential Empowerment Fund saying he did not want marketeers to be handling dirty money.

“So Mr President, we love you, you are humble man, very humble, please tell us where you have gotten the K10 million that you have pushed in the market empowerment, very good project but where is the money coming from? We don’t want our marketeers to be handling dirty money, we want our marketeers to be handling clean money and clean money can only be money that is explained, the source is explained correctly to the people of Zambia,” said Kambwili.

But in an interview with News Diggers! yesterday, Kabwe said the fund was sustained by other well wishers and members of the PF.

“Kambwili is now a bitter person who is all over planting seeds of bittiness and evil but his accusation that the presidential empowerment fund is dirty, I will wait for him to come back to his senses then I will find time to respond to him as I don’t want to find myself exchanging words with a bitter man. Honorable Kambwili is aware that his accusations are untrue and baseless and he’s just acting out of frustration as his soul is deeply troubled by the spirit of bitterness from the shock of his expulsion from the party,” Kabwe said.

“Honorable Kambwili was a very senior member of the party and him and me know how much President Lungu as well as many members of the party especially those who feel challenged such as my deputy who are saying that the President 10 percent donation to the fund needs to be complimented.”

Kabwe claimed that Kambwili had refused to contribute to the fund before he was expelled from the ruling party.

“It is very sad that my big bother once upon a time saw the creation of the fund and how his colleagues from the party contributed to the President well wishers to the marketeers who lived in absolute poverty but even then he folded his hands and did not contribute to the growth of the fund,” he said

Kabwe observed that Kambwili was trying to dent President Lungu’s image for political expediency.

“Kambwili of course maybe is trying to discredit the President’ image to the people on the Copperbelt by putting across insulting accusations against the President so as to gain himself some political millage, but I would like to remind my big bother that the truth sets people free and no one has ever achieved victory through painting others black. Honorable Kambwili should be very careful in the way he is nursing his expulsion shock with a bitter heart and he should stop issuing baseless accusations against the President of the nation,” said Kabwe.