PF cadre Munir Zulu says a police officer started the fight by slapping one of his “boys”.

In an interview with Muvi TV yesterday, Zulu claimed he would never fight with police because he respected them.

“Yes, I am the one in the video. If there are people who have a lot of respect for Zambia Police or men in uniform is myself and my friends because we run our own security company and we work hand in hand with the police. There is no way that I would fight the police, especially on the road. Yes there was a serious misunderstanding between the police and my friends in the car. The police had requested for my driving licence, which I showed them, and I have it here. This is my driving licence and I gave it to them, I said here it is. On the screen, the insurance disc was not in the disc holder as it had fallen off. After falling off, I didn’t even notice myself. The officers requested that I park off the road and come out of the car. I said ‘officer sorry my insurance disc has fallen off and it’s here’. It was at that point that the officer on the road said wait for me I deal with other motorists on the road,” narrated Zulu.

“I said ‘officer, I am in a hurry, is it possible that I go and meet you at your police station but keep my driving licence’. I made that request but instead, that officer came out and said you are being stupid. I then said but officer I am asking you because you have my driving licence and I can go and come to the police station and get my driving licence. He said you are not going anywhere you are being stupid. The guy behind, the back seat on the right side opened the window and said ba officer ninshi, but the officer said ‘I am not talking to you, I am talking to the driver’. I then said ‘officer then permit me to go because I am going for a meeting’, because I was going for a meeting at Golden Peacock Hotel. This officer just comes to the window and slaps the guy behind, not me.”

On Friday, Zulu and his boys identified as Wayo and George exchanged punches with traffic officers in Lusaka’s Roma area on Kasangula road.

Witnesses told News Diggers! that Zulu got incensed when the officers confiscated his drivers licence on grounds that he was speaking on the phone.

“So Munir Zulu was stopped by traffic police because he was speaking on the phone. Munir was driving a Mercedes Benz ML with a South African number plate. When he stopped, the police officer got the driving licence from him and told him to park. Munir told the police officer that ‘I can fire you myself’. He then instructed the thugs that he was driving with and they got out of the car and started beating the traffic officer,” said the witness.