We will continue beating Chishimba Kambwili if he does not stop insulting people, says PF Secretary General Davies Mwila.

Mwila was reacting to the incident at Parliament yesterday where Kambwili reported to the Speaker of the National Assembly that Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo slapped him outside the Chambers.

Kambwili also complained that Lands minister Jean Kapata also poured water on him.

But in an interview with News Diggers! Mwila said Kambwili was a stupid politician who deserved to be beaten.

“What happened at parliament, yes he will be beaten. I am telling you as PF Secretary General that if Kambwili thinks that he can continue provoking others he will be beaten. You quote me the way I have told you. If he thinks he can provoke people even in Cairo Road, he will be beaten. How would you feel if someone was calling you a thief when you are not,” Mwila asked.

“And be reminded that those things happen at parliament. People have misunderstandings and fight but anyway Mr. Speaker will resolve it. But tell Kambwili that if he continues to insult people they will continue beating him because he is a stupid Politician.”

He said Kambwili was behaving like a mad dog because he lacked morality.

“You know Kambwili is like a mad dog who must be ignored by Zambians because he is not a serious politician. He should have reviewed the wrong doings of his friends when he was still in government and he should not think that he is an angel, he is not an angel. Mwanawasa resigned during the Chiluba government when he saw that things were not going the way he wanted them to go as vice-president, a very senior position but for him why did he not resign,” Mwila asked.

And Mwila who lost the Chipili parliamentary seat to an Independent candidate, defended President Edgar Lungu’s wealth saying the Head of State made money when he worked as a lawyer at ZCCM-IH and Mulungushi Investments.

“President Lungu was a lawyer, he was working for Mulugushi Investments. Maybe he needs to be reminded that the president was a lawyer under Mulugushi Investments, he was a lawyer under ZCCM-IH, he was running his own law firm, he was a minster, a member of parliament then he became President. Do you think that he would still be a poor man?” Mwila asked.

The former home affairs minister went on to brag that Kambwili was his junior in the mines.

“Kambwili, I was working with him in the mines tell him. In 1990 he found me in the ZCCM-IH, I was senior to him in terms of years when he joined us as a clerk, I was working at Nchanga open pit as an operator. I want people to know the history. From there, he become a personal officer in ZCCM-IH, a personal officer was a G2 I was G4. From there, he moved to become a clerk at man power services and he was still a personal officer in the mines. In 2000 he was declared redundant and that’s when he went to became member of parliament [later],” Mwila said.

“I left the mines in 2002 and later that same year I was elected treasurer for the mine workers union up until 2006 when I become member of parliament. I have been MP for 10 years and Kambwili has been MP for 11 years, so what he is saying about Lungu is just a joke that Zambians should not mind. He cannot tell me that a lawyer can’t own a car, or a lawyer can live in a garage that is an insult to the President and he should stop talking about President Edger Lungu. I am telling him that he must stop from today, help me tell him to stop!”