Former chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili says Jean Kapata and other corrupt PF ministers are wasting time building mansions from illegally acquired wealth because they will soon be repossessed by the next government.

But Kapata has told Kambwili to shut his big, dirty mouth and wait for her to report his corruption to the Anti Corruption Commission.

In an interviews with News Diggers! Kambwili insisted that Kapata was involved in the illegal sale of Mukula timber.

“Before they became MPs, they were enrolled nurses. I am not undervaluing the nurses but what I am saying is that we all know what enrolled nurses get in terms of remuneration. Today look at this enrolled nurse, she is so rich! Today if you look at her house, she has over eight vehicles parked at her house because on this side she says they have suspended the exportation of Mukula logs, but she is busy bringing Mukula logs because she is in charge of lands, with the Chinese,” charged Kambwili.

“That illegal money that you are making, that house you have built behind Manda Hill and other flats you have built elsewhere, just know that you are building for the civil servants because when a new government comes, all those things will be grabbed and you will be arrested, you will go to court… you are stealing from the poor.

He said it was a fact that Kapata was conniving with ZAFFICO and Chinese to export Mukula logs.

“Kapata went and announced to this country that she had banned the export of Mukula. The question that we are asking you Jean is that why are you still issuing export permits to the Chinese? You even give trading licenses to the poor people in the villages, batema Mukula but mwaya bapoka (they harvest the Mukula but you go and confiscate it) using the soldiers and take it to Lusaka then you start using the Chinese and ZAFFICO to export and then you are sharing the money. You are minister in charge of land and natural resources but when people say you are corrupt you want to start insulting them,” said Kambwili.

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But Kapata said Kambwili was a political nonentity with a big, dirty mouth.

“Who is Kambwili? Who is Kambwili you people? If Kambwili has nothing to say, let him shut up his big dirty mouth. How do I even start dealing in Mukula? First of all, I am not ZAFFICO, ZAFFICO [are the ones] who have been given the mandate to sell the impounded Mukula. So this Kambwili has nothing to say about anyone, he has more cobwebs than anyone in this country,” Kapata said.

She went on to explain her wealth.

“How many houses do I have? I have one house here in Lusaka and I have been an MP since 2007, my first gratuity went into the construction of that house. I built this house for seven years. So what is Kambwili talking about? Let him shut his big dirty mouth, tell him,” Kapata said.

She urged Zambians not to treat Kambwili seriously, saying he was not presidential material.

“Kambwili is not even a Presidential material, we beat him in 2015. He was one of the 11 candidates who wanted to stand for PF Presidency, did people even vote for him? Can he even be President, is that a Presidential Material? If he wants to be President, let him just form his party and do whatever it is. And I am calling upon and challenging ACC to catch up with Kamwbili because we have all this evidence and we are going to present it to the ACC if that’s what he wants,” warned Kapata.

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