Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata says the power utility is worried with the increasing cases of vandalism-related electrocutions recorded on the Copperbelt.

And Kapata wondered why tho local authorities were giving residential plots under Zesco poles.

Speaking during a workshop for Ndola Councillors today, Kapata expressed concern that the rainy season would bring about more cases of vandalism.

“We are here on the Copperbelt to engage the councillors because they work directly with our people. A lot of vandalism happens during this period of rainy season because areas become dark,” Kapata observed.

He said a lot of people on the Copperbelt were getting electrocuted because of doing illegal things on the Zesco poles.

“Last year during this period we recorded 14 electrocutions involving people who were tempering with our poles. People cut trees under our lines without engaging us. We don’t want to loss lives. That is why today we engage the councillors to talk to our people,” Kapata said.

He said it was shocking that people had title teeds on plots that were under Zesco jurisdiction.

“If people are given plots and title under Zesco poles, then who is doing this? We can’t have structures under the Zesco poles. We are losing K5 million to replace our vandalised poles,” lamented Kapata.

“Scrap metal dealers are the ones who buy these products. We are concerned with high rate of vandalism on our cables. So we are also going to engage them.”