NDC spokesperson Eric Chanda says their national youth chairman Charles Kabwita has been granted K500 bail with one working surety by the Kitwe Magistrates’ Court.

And Chanda says it’s a disgrace that the police arrested Kabwita who was just a victim, leaving out the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, Chanda says NDC will soon prove to the Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga indeed Kabwita was assaulted by the PF cadres.

In an interview with News Diggers! on Monday, Chanda revealed that Kabwita was not in a stable health condition because of the beatings that he received by the PF cadres.

“NDC National Youth Chairman Charles Kabwita has been granted k500 bail with one working surety by the magistrate Nalwimba, the judge. The only danger is that our dear comrade Charles Kabwita is not in a very stable health condition because of the beatings that he underwent at the hands of the PF cadres. We therefore, as NDC ask for prayers from all Christians so that our dear comrade can recover as soon as possible,” Chanda said.

Chanda urged the police to be professional when applying the law.

“We just want to retaliate our earlier point that the police should do their job professionally. You find somebody has been beaten up, instead of arresting people who have beaten up that person, you arrest the victim? I don’t know if this is what they are learning at Lilayi or Kamfinsa. This is a big disgrace. You tell the police to be professionals and apply the law properly. Because to start with, the offence that Kabwita committed is a bondable offence, it’s a bailable offence but these people because of their unprofessionalism, they denied to give him bond. This is quite unprofessional and as NDC we just want to call upon the police to pull up their stockens and do the job that they are paid for by tax payers money. Do the job that they were trained at Lilayi, at Kamfinsa so that this country can have peace for the rest of the citizens,” he said.

Chanda said NDC would soon prove to Katanga that Kabwita was assaulted by PF cadres.

“We will prove that woman wrong very soon. As I’m talking our provincial team and the national team in Kitwe are preparing to take Kabwita to the hospital to have all the medical check ups. In fact the inmates are the ones who have being helping Kabwita because he hasn’t being well. So we will prove her wrong shortly,” said Chanda.

Trial in the matter will commence next month.