There was jubilation in Kitwe yesterday after government gave Jerabos 10 per cent stake of the Black Mountain which has been a source of political turmoil on the Copperbelt Province.

Hundreds of Jerabos and PF officials marched on the streets of Kitwe whilst others, in truck loads, sang songs of praise to President Edgar Lungu over the development.

In a statement yesterday, Kitwe PF district chairman Christopher Kang’ombe stated that he was certain that President Lungu had cemented his victory for the 2021 elections.

“The PF in Kitwe District would like to commend His Excellency the President, Mr. Edgar C. Lungu for releasing the 10% held by ZCCM – IH in the Black Mountain dump site in Wusakile to the Small Scale Miners in Kitwe. The immediate impact of this important and timely decision is the creation of jobs for the many youths that have relied upon the mine dumpsite for many years. Secondly, the decision demonstrates that the PF as a party in power will always promote the empowerment of the Youths and in this case transforming illegal miners into registered Small Scale Miners. President Lungu is fulfilling a campaign promise because the many Youths in Wusakile and Kitwe as a whole have for many years being supporting the PF even when the party was in the opposition,” stated Kang’ombe.

“The Five constituencies gathered this morning at the PF office and through this statement by the PF District Executive do hereby re-affirm our support for the Republican President who is also the PF Leader. We are certain that in 2021, we shall win the election with our Presidential Candidate being His Excellency Mr. Edgar C. Lungu.”