Former Copperbelt University Students Union president Gerald Chiluba says the reopening of CBU should be suspended until the impass between lecturers and the vice chancellor is sorted out.

In a statement, Tuesday, Chiluba observed that there would be no proper learning if lecturers’ demands were not addressed.

“We want to urge the Republican President to quickly find modalities of finding himself at the top of the dialogue process, there is need for serious dialogue to take place at the Copperbelt University before the remaining integrity and reputation of the institution is completely eroded,” Chiluba stated.

“What is happening at the institution is a disaster which requires intervention from the highest office, because we cannot talk of the economic development without sustainably addressing the problems of institution of higher learning were creativity and innovations are expected to come from, that is simply shooting in the air.”

He stated that ignoring the challenges at CBU would not help the institution.

“It is further not correct to continue using ineffective ways of dealing with challenges surrounding the Copperbelt University, avoidance cannot make problems go away while quick fix does not solve anything it only rewards unacceptable behavior and harms the credibility of government.That’s why there is need for the president to move in and deal with the problems at the Copperbelt University by creating first a harmonious environment in which people concerned will understand each other and be able to communicate well,” Chiluba stated.

“Issues affecting CBU cannot be dealt with through the use of perceptions because it is very easy to misinterpret all parties involved especially if the situation has ingredients of emotions. Therefore, in order to ensure that both parties are well understood there is need for an interface meeting to take place between the president and all stakeholders before the institution opens otherwise opening of an institution at this juncture is not a good idea when a lot of things have not been put in place especially were lecturers have vowed not to lecture, instead government should take proactive measures and not to experiment with the situation because the outcome might be disastrous.”

He advised Higher Education Minister Prof Nkandu Luo not take issues affecting CBU personal.

“The Minister of Higher Education should not take problems affecting CBU personally in order to avoid threats and frustrations like we have witnessed, because emotional reactions are always unpleasant and eventually interfere with someone’s ability to generate solutions and respond constructively. Government need to indicate that it is interested and committed in hearing different perspectives without been biased,” stated Chiluba.