President Edgar Lungu says Zambia has a leadership challenges that is why every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be Head of State.

And President Lungu says he will ask Zambians for a “second half” in 2021.

Meanwhile, President Lungu says the PF has spent too much money on campaigns so Lusaka residents must give them a mayor.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Kanyama yesterday, President Lungu said this country had a leadership challenge.

“You see, we have a problem in Zambia. We have a problem of leadership in this country, that’s why every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be president every time,” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu said he would ask Zambians for a “second half” in 2021.

“There is a time for everything. A game of football is 90 minutes, you can start very badly but you can end up winning the game so they should wait until 2021 that’s when they will challenge us. Not when you score two goals, they say ‘he is not scoring too much let us remove him’, no, it is 90 minutes and it is only the boss who determines who must be replaced. For me, the only thing that will remove me from here before 2021 is God if he calls [to say] ‘hello’. No one will remove me as President of the Republic of Zambia until 2021 because that is what the Constitution says. Only in 2021 can I come back to say ‘give me a second half’, that’s how these things work,” he said.

President Lungu said people who would remove PF from power were not yet born.

“Guy Scott said it already that people who will displace or take over from PF are not yet born. This is because he saw the leadership, he saw the truth we have and the determination we have to serve the people of Zambia. Even today you go and ask Dr Guy Scott, ‘what do you have to say about this’, he will have no answer because we are with the people,” he said.

“We have already demonstrated that we are for the people of Zambia and we mean well. So give us a chance to complete our terms of office…people think that because you are from Kanyama, you do not have brains, they think if you are from Chawama, you are not intelligent? So I am not intelligent? They shouldn’t insult me, no that is an insult. Just because we are poor and we are humble, they think we do not have the wisdom that it takes to rule a country, we have got all the wisdom because we know that all of us have it in our heads, especially when we are consulting. So consult each other and everything will be okay.”

Meanwhile, President Lungu said the PF had spent too much money on campaigns and deserved victory.

“Indalama twaposa muma campaign shingi so tupeleni mayor so that ifintu fichinje (the money we have spent on campaigns is too much so give us a mayor so that things can change),” said President Lungu.