National Democratic Congress (NDC) national youth chairperson Charles Kabwita says President Edgar Lungu is not the most insulted and tolerant President as PF media Director Sunday Chanda claims, but is the richest Head of State whose wealth cannot be explained.

Last week Chanda said despite being the most insulted President in Zambia’s history, Lungu was tolerant and a syrong believer in democracy.

But Kabwita argued in an interview, saying questioning the President’s wealth could not amount to an insult.

“President Lungu cannot be referred to as the most tolerant president that Zambia has ever had. That’s a mockery and Sunday Chanda is basically mocking the Heard of State. For me, President Edgar Lungu is not committed to fighting corruption. There are so many indicators that are leading to corrupt minister in the PF government and yet the president has not taken time to allow the Anti-Corruption to take its mandate to investigate and prosecute. The Head of State is not what Sunday Chanda is saying. Who has ever insulted President Edgar Lungu? Can he cite one insult? When people say ‘President Lungu is corrupt’ is that an insult? Do you want us to say President Edgar Lungu is Jesus Christ when he is not?” Kabwita asked.

“So for me, I feel the president is not committed to fighting corruption and no one is insulting him. When people say that he is not committed to fighting corruption, is that an insult? When people say that the president has amassed so much wealth which he cannot account for, is that an insult? And when we say since the president has not called for a press briefing to tell us how he amassed that wealth, how is that an insult? So President Lungu has not been insulted in any way. It is just a mere political wishful thinking that he is the most insulted president. Saying that President Lungu is the most insulted president is mere politicking which is unfounded and the worse kind of hypocrisy.”

He challenged Chanda to list the insults that President Lungu had been subjected to, other than being accused of corruption.

“Who insults the president? We see PF cadres showing off different types of expensive alcohol on Facebook whilst people cannot even afford a meal and yet we have PF cadres showing off money. What sort of a country is this? When we had Michael Sata as President, nothing stupid was happening like that. These things that we are seeing under President Edgar Lungu never used to occur. So as a youth, I am not inspired by the leadership of His Excellency the President. If that is an insult, I am so sorry but that is my opinion.”