Chief Mukuni says the PF deliberately killed law enforcement agencies, knowing that corruption thrives where the rule of law is dead.

In an interview, Chief Mukuni, who is traditionally referred to as the Munokalya (Lion), said since assuming office, President Edgar Lungu had embarked on ensuring that democracy died.

“Without democracy, you can’t develop in a country, no way. Democracy allows people to point out your wrongs as a leader and this is only possible with independent institutions of law such as the police and judiciary. The PF, on assumption of office by President Edgar Lungu, embarked on destroying the institutions of the rule of law such as judiciary and the police so that they have a free hand over corruption,” charged chief Mukuni.

“Corruption will never thrive where there is the rule of law because people can be free to speak out. In South Africa, the police and judiciary help democracy thrive. Unless these institutions operate independently, we should forget about development. Any presidential candidate needs to tell us that he or she will give us back the rule of law.”