Justice Minister Given Lubinda says he would rather attend an all white party than a gay or free mason meeting.

On Monday, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema urged government to pay retires who were camped at the Ministry of Justice.

Hichilema also criticized Lubinda for attending an all-white party and flaunting wealth when retirees were camped at his office.

“People are sleeping, worshipping outside Ministry of Justice. I saw him at the party where everybody was wearing white and he was dancing to the flow, showing a lavish lifestyle when retirees are begging at his door step. Everyday, he parks his VX that belongs to the retrenchees, we saw hardships but PF officials, it was parte after parte. There was obscenity! Literally making love in public,” said Hichilema.

But reacting to this in an interview, Thursday, Lubinda alleged that whole he was at the all-white party, Hichilema was championing gay rights with some free masons.

“I would rather go an all white party than go to a gay meeting. I would rather be with Christians than being with free masons. When I was at the white party, Hakainde was with free masons, he was championing gay rights,” Lubinda said.

He said he was not a mad man to be repeating the same speech over and over again to the retirees who were camped at his office.

“I address those retirees. I don’t have to address them every day when they come to my office, that will make me appear like a mad man. It is only mad people who keep on saying the same things over and over. He keeps on crying over the same things that his votes were stolen. I am not a mad man. Because I am Christian, I have allowed those people to have their meetings at the offices, it is a very big disturbance to people who come to the Ministry of Justice, had I been a free mason, I would have blocked them,” Lubinda said.

“Tell Hakainde that in his quest to destroy the will of the Zambian people to become president, he is becoming irritating. He keeps on saying the same things most of them which are totally inaccurate. I wonder what more he wants to do before he realizes that the Zambian people have lost any shred of respect for him. His sensationalism will not take him to [the] presidency, unfortunately. So he can say whatever he wants that I went to an all-white party, it was very nice it was better than being with free masons.”

Lubinda said government was making frantic efforts to raise funds to pay the retirees.

“There is no agreement between the Ministry of Justice and the retirees. The retirees who deserve to be paid went to court and got judgment in their favor and if you can be aware, they got the judgment long before News Diggers was established, they got their judgment in the 90s and unfortunately, successive governments have not been paying them. They were even restrained from grouping at Ministry of Justice but government, through this ministry, has said no one would restrain them. They are at liberty to come and camp at the Ministry of Justice. The government shares their anxiety, those people have been waiting to be paid for a long time. And they are being paid as money is being made available through their lawyers. You should be aware that those retirees are represented by several lawyers because they don’t belong to one institution. Government is putting in frantic efforts to ensure that it raises money to pay the retirees. And any attempt by any media house to politicize this must know that it will not add any coin to their life. There should be compassion from every one,” said Lubinda.