Holy Trinity Catholic Church Masala Parish priest Fr Christopher Mwansa has told the Patriotic Front to consider all citizens in its distribution of food materials, saying everyone in the country is hungry.

Fr Mwansa said this during Mass which was attended by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo who is also Kabushi PF Member of Parliament.

“My message is that of poverty. Here in our area, you have children that are not only PF, like in a family, you have different children in Kabushi, and all these children feel hungry. PF is hungry, MMD is hungry, UPND is hungry, so we are all hungry,” Fr Mwansa said.

“If you stand to help, just help everyone. I promise you that if you work without boarders you will not have any problems. This is the same message to go and tell the President that the same way of working not only on PF, but all the Zambians. Always love everyone. He should not listen to the people, but hunger can hit every part of the country. Give people food, regardless of their political affiliation. Hunger is beyond political parties. Don’t look at who voted for you, just help and provide services to the Zambian people.”

Fr Mwansa, however pointed out that there was poverty in the country because people always decide to just sit and wait to be provided for.

“We can’t just be waiting, let us work. We are here because of others. Let us mind those that are suffering, hungry, those that do not have cloths. The language we use at times can cause people to be miserable. Problems make people talk too much. A Christian identity should be seen anywhere they are. In Parliament, council chambers, show the character of a leader. We are the salt of the world, we need to correct the wrongs of the world,” said Fr Mwansa.

And Lusambo said he was happy to have spent time in Church because the homily changed his life.

“Am happy to be here, we have been changed by the message here. We came on Friday to see the projects which we’ve been doing here in Kabushi through President Edgar Lungu. People where complaining a lot when they are faced with issues of funerals, they faced transport challenges. Our duty is to work for the people, regardless of who is it,” said Lusambo.

“To those that come to gas our houses, we need to work together. We the political leaders, encourage us, we need prayers also. Edgar Lungu wants to strengthen the relationship between the politicians and the Church. Church and government are in the same constituency.”