TAXI and bus drivers in Kitwe have petitioned the Kitwe City Council to remove PF cadres in stations or they will halt operations should their demands not be met by Monday, August 24, 2020.

In a petition letter to the Town Clerk, the bus and taxi drivers cited the continuous intimidation, harassment and overcharging of drivers for loading in public stations.

The drivers lamented that the PF cadres were making their lives as public transport providers very difficult.

“Our call to remove ruling PF cadres from bus stations and taxi ranks comes after noticing with deep concern the unprecedented levels of intimidations, harassments and overcharging fees drivers for loading in public stations. Also the continued prosecution of bus and taxi drivers perceived to be enjoying their democratic right of belonging to political parties of their choice,” stated the petition dated August 21, 2020.

“We feel this unacceptable and uncalled for conduct by PF cadres is not only badly affecting us as drivers, but it’s also profoundly affecting Government through city council in terms of revenue collections.”

They stated that public stations do not belong to PF cadres.

“…remove ruling PF cadres from stations because public stations do not belong to the ruling PF, instead they are properties of the councils. We are giving your office to respond to this call with effect from today (Monday). This is uncalled for,” read the petition.

Last week, Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya said bus stations did not belong to the ruling Patriotic Front because they were properties of the councils.

“The President doesn’t want this. He’s very clear, he doesn’t want interference. Stations are not for cadres, even you the bus owners and the drivers, those are not your stations. Those stations are for the councils, so if they are for the council, they cannot be for PF because the council is not PF. So councils must find their spot in the bus stops because they are the owners of those places. Our sector only goes there to work. Otherwise, sanitation and all those things is not our business. But since we are one government, I will tell the story to Dr Charles Banda that I have received information that cadres are still interfering with the running of bus stops,” said Kafwaya.