CARITAS Zambia executive director Eugene Kabilika says it will be hard for citizens to believe the outcome of the 2021 elections if nothing is done to address issues surrounding the issuance of NRCs and voters cards.

In an interview, Kabilika said it was sad that there were elements of division in the registration process.

“It is very sad that we are seeing elements of unfairness and elements of division particularly as we talk to question of registration of voters as well as issuance of NRCs. I think we still have time, we can only build the credibility of the elections if as Zambia, regardless of whether you are ruling party or you are opposition party or you are just an ordinary citizen like some of us. If we all come together and make sure that the issuance of NRCs and also the registration of voters is fair to everyone, then we are going to have a step further to have an election that is fair. Can you imagine going to the election in 2021 with all these problems that you are seeing, who is going to believe the results the elections? And if the results of the elections are not believed, what happens? Your guess is mine. That is why we are concerned as civil society and we don’t think we can continue going this direction. Something has to be done, somebody has to bring us together, somebody has to lead us and show us the way. We have a government in place that is supposed to bring us all together,” Kabilika said.

He insisted that failure to address the challenges could lead to anarchy.

“We still have a chance before we cast any vote in 2021 to come together as a nation and respond to some of the challenges that have been identified around issuance of NRCs, around the registration of voters and what we have seen as a mark of clear imbalance in the way we are responding to the needs of the Zambians. If Zambians begin to perceive that there is discrimination, it is not good for the youths of the country,” said Kabilika.

“But because others are attached to people who have power and therefore they deserve to have more and others that are not attached to people who have power deserve less, I don’t think that is the spirit of our constitution, I don’t think that is the spirit of one Zambia one Nation. One Zambia one nation and indeed our own national anthem recognizes the fact that each and every Zambian who is born and who is living in the country today deserves to be treated equally and fairly.”