PF SECRETARY General Davies Mwila says some people in the party are cowards who just want to eat when things are easy.

Speaking during the funeral of former Mufulira district commissioner Hildah Kawesha, Saturday, Mwila said the party had lost a dedicated and loyal member who helped in the growth of the party.

“On behalf of the President of the party, Edgar Lungu, I wish to express my deepest condolences to the Kawesha family and the PF on the Copperbelt Province. Today, we have lost a friend, we have lost our relative, we have lost Hilda Kawesha who was a committed member of the party. Honourable Kawesha was a founder member of the party, she was there when the party was being formed in 2001, very few people here were there. These are the people who welcomed us in February 2002 and at that time, it was not fashioned to belong or to be associated with PF. That is the time people used to insult or tell us that you are working with a mad person, Micheal Sata. The same people who insulted us, they are the ones who are saying that we are founder members, no! Hildah was there,” Mwila said.

“That is the more reason I said your Excellency, we have to go and mourn with our members on the Copperbelt because this funeral is big. We have lost a dedicated member, a loyal member of the party. When things were hard, Hilda Kawesha was there. Losing a member like Hilda Kawesha, it will not be easy for us to make a replacement because most of the people are cowards, they just want to eat when things are easy but I want to emphasize this point that Hilda was there when things were difficult. We were in opposition for 10 years, Hildah never ran away from the party, she continued working with the party.”

And Mwila announced that the party had donated K100,000 to the Kawesha family and that the party had also organised $10 000 to support Kawesha’s son who was studying in China.

“I want to thank the members who have come to mourn with our members Hilda Kawesha, I will send this message to the President that our people on the Copperbelt are united. This is the way it is supposed to be. When you lose a committed member of the party, it is important that we mourn together. You have shown love to our sister. Love is very important. I would appeal to members of the party that you have to continue with the same spirit. As a party, we have decided that the chairman in charge of mobilisation honourable [Bowman] Lusambo, the provincial chairman Mr Nathan Chanda and his team will organize K100,000 for the family. I will ensure that is done,” said Mwila.

“The second commitment as a party is for the child who is in China. Five people have come on board to organize money for that child who is in China. Honourable (Richard) Musukwa will donate $2,000, the popular Yenga Tech, Mr (Danny) Yenga, will also contribute $2,000, honourable Kampamba (Chewe) will donate $2,000, honourable (Alexander) Chiteme will contribute $2,000, honrouble Emmanuel Mulenga will contribute $2,000. In total they will contribute $10,000 to ensure that child who is in China completes school.”