GOVERNANCE activist Brebnar Changala says PF must be removed from office due to criminality, negligence and unprecedented levels of corruption.

In an interview, Changala said it was genocide for government to deliver expired medicines as many had since perished as a result of criminal elements in the medical supply chain.

“You build clinics and hospitals which have no staff and medicine; you make huge medical requirements or purchases, which later on rot at the distribution point. And when you go to a clinic or hospital, people are told that ‘there is no medicine’ and they have pads for prescriptions. Prescriptions are littered all over and yet Medical Stores has got medicines, some of them with short life-span, delivered in August, expiring in October of the same year, that is criminal intent and it is genocide! People have died and yet money has been expended, but due to criminal elements in the supply chain, this medicine does not see the patient; this medicine does not reach the clinic; this medicine does go to rot and it rots with the people dying on a daily basis!” Changala complained.

“PF has been going round telling people that, ‘Zambia has never seen unprecedented development thanks to one Edgar Chagwa Lungu.’ But I must remind them that this infrastructure development has come at a cost to the economic and social sector of the Republic of Zambia. These are inflated and some of them are beyond the need of the economic development that were initiated with a skewed mind.”

He said President Lungu had become a symbol of human destruction and urged anyone who had suffered at the hands of the PF administration to remove them from power at this year’s polls.

“PF as an administration must be removed from power due to criminality, negligence and corruption, these are strong pillars that must require every responsible citizen, who has suffered at the hands of this regime to make a decision to retire this regime and its perpetrators in national interest because we need a full audit after they have given way, after they step aside. We need a full investigation of the 10-year period of the PF administration, especially the period that starts from 2015 under Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, he has become the symbol of human destruction; he has become the beacon and identity of unprecedented corruption in this country. I appeal to every citizen that matters and cares for this country to take a step backwards and reflect as to whether it is really in the best interest of this country to have the PF regime, with its President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, to continue plundering our resources and killing the people of Zambia through negligence and unprecedented corruption,” said Changala.