UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has challenged Lumezi independent member of parliament Munir Zulu to name and shame the UPND Alliance members he has accused of extorting money from former Permanent Secretaries in exchange for “protection”.

And Energy Minister Peter Kapala says if anyone has a problem with him serving as Minister they must take the matter to either the Drug Enforcement Commission or the Anti-Corruption Commission.

In an interview, Mweetwa challenged Zulu to name the people he was accusing.

“I do not know anything about that. I mean I am not aware of anything of that nature. For us in the UPND, we are clear in our mind what our President has directed and that is zero tolerance towards corruption. So if there are some Alliance members who are extorting money from anyone, let him name them. Let him name so that there is name and shame, that is now we fight corruption us who have been Anti-Corruption crusaders,” said Mweetwa.

“There should be name and shame. So let him name them to give veil allegations to say we are aware of this and that. For me he is neither here nor there. If he thinks that there is no genuine fight against corruption and he has names of individuals whose names he is withholding, he himself is helping the fight against corruption not to be won. So let him name those people so that they are known and we know what to expect and the President will take action. Full stop.”

Meanwhile, Kapala said if anyone had a problem with him serving as Minister, they must take the matter to either the Drug Enforcement Commission or the Anti-Corruption Commission.

“I have no comment. These are things he can take I think there is DEC and there is ACC. So let him do that,” said Kapala.

On Tuesday, Lumezi independent Member of Parliament Munir Zulu charged that some UPND Alliance partners were jeopardising ongoing investigations by extorting money from former permanent secretaries in exchange for “protection”.

He further said it was not right for Energy Minister Peter Kapala to serve in the new dawn government because he was previously found guilty of professional misconduct.

“I am challenging them today, that they should stop aiding criminals, to hide vehicles at their law firms. There is a certain Mr Kangwa who is closer to one of the UPND Alliance partners and has been calling the fired permanent secretaries that ‘we are going to offer you protection if you declare that which you have or that which you have stolen’. Some permanent secretaries did not steal but they were shown those vehicles at one of the offices. That is aiding criminality and I am calling upon the Republican President to take judicial notice of his partners in the UPND Alliance umbrella. Let them put their house in order. They are busy calling people, extorting monies under the banner of saying ‘we are going to offer you protection should you be summoned’,” said Zulu.