CHIEF government spokesperson Chushi Kasanda says some people are criticising government for no apparent reason, in a bid to show their relevance.

In an interview, Tuesday, Kasanda said some of the criticism that government was seeing was very negative.

“So we are ready for the criticism but it should be criticism that is going to build the nation as opposed to some of the criticism we are seeing [which] is very negative. We need to also receive some positive criticism, that is the only way people are going to help the government, we don’t know everything. We are not saying that we are above the Zambians but what we are saying is that they have given us the privilege to be the ruling government at this point, and therefore they need to give us criticism that will help both ourselves and themselves as the public. As opposed to criticism that is there to destroy,” she said.

“There is criticism that is good and there is criticism that is bad. If you look at the criticism right now, we will have criticism from different people in society. Some people are just there to criticize for no apparent reason, they want to show their relevance and we have seen people who have criticized to help the government. So that is the reason why I’m saying there is good criticism and there is bad criticism. The good criticism is when people criticize and want you to improve on the service delivery to the Zambian because that is the reason why we were brought not into power, but into these offices. We were brought into these offices to make sure that we deliver to the Zambians.”

Meanwhile, Kasanda, who is also Minister of Information and Media, said everything was going as planned since they formed government.

“Yes, so far everything is going as planned [from the time we formed government] and we will deliver to the Zambians as per our campaign promises,” said Kasanda.