THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says there is need to formulate and implement policies aimed at achieving acceptable gender equality in order to help women.

In a statement in commemoration of International Women’s Day, Tuesday, LAZ president Abyudi Shonga stated that he had no difficulty in acknowledging the priceless role women played in the world.

“Today (Tuesday) we celebrate International Women’s Day. The chosen theme, for this monumental day, is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” #break the bias. I want to add my voice to the global appreciation of women making its rounds on available media. I take my hat off to women and salute their resilience world over. I have no difficulty in acknowledging the priceless role women play in the world. In my ruminations on the importance of women, Nelson Mandela came to mind. He is quoted as having said that “if you want to change the world, help the women.” This short quote is packed with meaning. To begin with, it acknowledges the pivotal role women must play in making the world a better place. Secondly, it is a clarion call on the inhabitants of the earth to help the women.” he stated.

“To make the point, we do not help women by belittling their contribution to our society. We do not help them by objectifying them in the workplace and making their existence exceedingly difficult. We certainly do not help them by instilling fear in them through physical, emotional or mental violence. I am without doubt that we do not help them by failing to actualize the representation they deserve in leadership positions.”

Shonga said there was need to come to terms with the reality that women could play a central role in changing the world positively.

“The converse is true. We will help women by respecting them and coming to terms with the reality that they can, indeed, play a central role in changing the world positively. This respect must start with care and protection of the girl child who, one day, will become a woman. We help women by not merely giving lip service to conversations about achieving acceptable gender equality but by formulating and implementing policies aimed at achieving it. Only then can we begin to bring the best out of women and expect the best out of them. We can help women by doing our part to break the bias against women in all spheres of our lives. And so, I say, let us help the women and change the world. Happy Women’s Day,” stated Shonga.