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  • The Center for Trade, policy and Development has commended Mufulira residents who have petitioned the local council to pass a by-law that would ensure that 10% of the revenues collected by the council from mineral revenues such as profit rates and business fees are directed towards community development.
  • The annual rate of inflation for the month of February 2017 has decreased to 6.8 % from 7 percent recorded in January 2017.
  • All People’s Congress Leader Naison Musoni has commended Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika for dismissing that country’s Agriculture Minister over the 34.5 million dollars maize scandal.
  • The Young African Leaders Initiative has advised opposition party leaders to remain active in providing checks and balances on accountability in order to safeguard national resources.
  • Government says there is need to force a culture of entrepreneurship in order to develop the economy.

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