ZESCO Limited has reverted to the 12 hours per day load shedding schedule after 10 days of 15 hours of load management following the restoration of 132MW back into the national grid.

In a statement, Wednesday, Zesco public relations manager Hazel Zulu explained that one unit from an Independent Power Producer (IPP) was under maintenance, hence the 15 hour-load shedding schedule that was experienced in the last 10 days.

“Zesco Limited wishes to inform its esteemed customers and the general public that generating unit 2, belonging to one of the country’s IPPs that was taken out for maintenance on April 7, 2020, has been restored. This implies that the 132MW that was lost for 10 days has been reinstated into the national grid. The corporation is pleased to inform the public that with this re-addition, load shedding hours will revert to a maximum of 12 hours per day instead of the 15 hours experienced in the last 10 days,” stated Zulu.

“Zesco wishes to thank its valued customers for their cooperation and patience and urge them to continue employing energy efficient initiatives, such as completely switching off appliances when not in use, migrating to the use of energy efficient lighting and using gas for cooking, to mention but a few. These power saving initiatives will reduce household bills and contribute to protecting the environment.”