Reeves Malambo’s alleged murderer, Tshabu Benos, has applied for constitutional bail pending the determination of her murder case.

Benos is alleged to have stabbed her boyfriend, Malambo, who later died at Hilltop Hospital, with a dagger.

Since her arrest in January, the accused has been detained at Lusaka Central Correctional Facility awaiting trial.

But Benos has sought for constitutional bail pending trial saying she has been detained for a long time without trial.

In her application, Benos said her prolonged detention without trial was unreasonable.

Benos charged that despite her committal to the High Court, the state was still not ready for the case.

On June 6, a state advocate; a Ms Mulele, had told the court during the opening of the High Court criminal session that Benos was wrongly causelisted for trial.

This prompted the judge to push the case to another criminal session.

Trial in the murder case commences on September 4, 2017.