Betternow Finance Corporation chief executive officer Noel Nkoma has sued his ex girlfriend’s sister for defamation over her allegations that he uses supernatural powers to have sexual intercourse with her sister in her dreams.

According to a statement of claim filed in the High Court on yesterday, Nkoma submitted that Ingrid Mulonda-Mphande, who was his ex girlfriend Mwitwa Mulonda’s sister, authored and circulated defamatory Whatsapp messages.

“That on or about 28th July 2017 at 10:26, the Defendant did author and circulated, or caused to be circulated the underlisted Whatsapp messages defamatory to the Plaintiff. The verbatim words complained of were couched in these terms: ‘Morning goodmorning, am really sad to hear what Mwitwa has just been telling the family? She says she has been dreaming about you saying things to her in a satanic witchcraft manner, if that’s true Noel you should STOP because you will make your innocent souls in your family suffer a million times? We have formed a prayer band at church and we wake up every 02 just to pray for you to get back to the sender and you don’t continue playing with GOD’S anointed children you will melt by thunder and fire? LIVE HER LIFE ALONE AND LET HER MOVE ON LIKE YOU ARE? Otherwise we will use FORCE on you and you will be exposed openly by the sangoma you have been using over the years, WE KNOW HIM????,” read the claim.

“On the same day, the 28th of July 2017 at 11:29am, there was a further Whatsapp message sent by the Defendant which stated the following: ‘Awe suwa. Its not funny. I am tired. Every time dreaming of him. Never a time passes and I wonder why someone I don’t even think of. All these years why. Imagine the last one yesterday, he came and gave me to iron a stripped blue shirt and white collat. I said I didn’t want and didn’t want to have anything to do with him he said ‘the relationship will only end when he says so’. Every time dreaming of someone sleeping with me. He is always in the dreams. The other day he was wearing a brownish Cordero trousers and white shirt at katemo just walked the house. Can’t remember what he said. I am even losing track of the dreams, too many.”

Nkoma interpreted the words to mean that he was involved in witchcraft and aimed to torment Mwitwa in her sleep supernaturally.

“The words complained of were circulated by the Defendant and people were called upon and/or were informed that supplicatory and imprecatory prayers had ensued in a bid to arrest the alleged evil spirits of the plaintiff. The Plaintiff completely denies the allegations purveyed by the Whatsapp messages and the Defendant will, at trial, be put to strict proof thereof,” read the claim.

“In consequence, the Plaintiff’s reputation has been seriously damaged and has suffered considerable distress and embarrassment…by reason of the words complained of, the Plaintiff has been seriously and gravely injured in his personal reputation, business reputation, professional reputation, credit, integrity and has been exposed to public scandal, odium and contempt.”

Nkoma is seeking damages for defamation, interests and any other relief the court might deem fit.