The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has heard how a man allegedly impregnated his biological daughter after having sex with her on four different occasions.

The 16-year-old girl told the Court that she was afraid of telling her mother about the ordeal because her father threatened to kill her if she disclosed.

In this matter, Kester Mwewa is charged with incest.

It is alleged that on dates unknown, but between December, 2017, and December, 2018, Mwewa had unlawful canal knowledge of his daughter.

And when the matter came up for trial before Magistrate Judith Chiyayika, Wednesday, the 16-year-old told the Court that her father had sex with her on four different occasions.

She testified that one day, she was sleeping in her bedroom when her father went and forced himself on her.

The girl said he pushed her on the mattress, undressed her and had sex with her.

“He would undress me and throw me on the mattress and get on top of me and cover us with the blanket when having sex with me. He used to wear a vest and a short. He would get on top of me and insert his penis in my vagina and I would feel pain,” she said.

When the accused asked her in cross-examination why she did not tell her mother, the girl said:

“You threatened to kill me if I disclosed. I was afraid of telling my mother due to the death threats and the manner in which you used to treat her.”

The Court further heard that the accused continued to sleep with his daughter until she became pregnant.

And the victim’s mother testified that in 2017, she went to sell vegetables and when she returned home, her stepson informed her that he had found his father in bed with her daughter.

She said after the incident, her stepson left and went to live at his mother’s house, adding that her husband also left home and only returned after 10 months.

“I asked my daughter what transpired and she confirmed that her father had sex with her and that he had left the house because a Muvi TV crew was present and that there were a lot of people. She told me that it was the fourth time that he had slept with her,” the woman disclosed.

She said she sent her daughter to Chipata to stay with her mother because she was very ashamed.

The woman said she was later informed that her daughter was five months pregnant and that the pregnancy belonged to her husband.

The woman said the child was now eight months old.

She said Mwewa was apprehended when he returned home after 10 months.

“My husband returned home and started beating me, saying that he was suffering where he was, while I am staying in a house which had electricity. He then killed a cat and threatened to do the same to me,” the witness said.

She said she reported the matter to the police and that Mwewa was charged and arrested for incest and assault.

Trial continues.