Today I just want to thank God for my life, the Patriotic Front Party and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for my freedom as it marks exactly one year since I was ruthlessly beaten by police officers in Petauke bundled in a police van and thrown into Wazanji Prison in Petauke .

On this day last year I could not believe my eyes when I saw two police vans loaded with police officers in riot gear came to my lodge, broke my door and started hitting me with short batons.

I suffered three major cuts, one on my nose, another one on my forehead and a deep cut on my head which up to now is still visible.

On this day last year I was bundled in a police van, handcuffed, brutally beaten by police officers because of being loyal to the party’s decision in terms of who should stand on the Patriotic front Party in Petauke.

I’am aware of some people that never wanted Honourable Dora Siliya that used their status in the society to impose capital punishment on me.

I remember standing in court and the magistrate telling prosecutors to say take Max and the other guy meaning Alubusu to the hospital for if you keep them in custody we might have a big problem looking at the condition they are in, however the police officers and prison officials disobeyed his order and immediately drove us back to prison.

In prison I could hardly breath for my nose was seriously damaged and I was only using my mouth to breath in and out now imagine the aroma.

Three days in prison I heard police officers calling my name but it was hard for me to stand up as my toes had popped up after the police officers used short batons to hit my toes and all body joints.

When the police officers finally got access to were i was sleeping in broad daylight I was shocked to see that four police officers had pliers in their hands saying Max remove all your clothes for today we are here to make sure you never produce kids ever again.

Prison warders refused to allow that and an uproar from fellow inmates scared the police officers who insisted saying that instructions had been given to transfer me to Chipata Prison.

In my bad state I was bundled in a police van from Wazanji Prison and when I asked were I was being taken to, one police officer whom I can identify said this is the end of you for you will go back to Lusaka in a white cloth (meaning dead body).

Whilst in prison there was a rumour that I was to be thrown into Luangwa River in handcuffs so that I can drown and be eaten by crocodiles or poisoned but that did not make me flinch not even a bit.

Five minutes drive out of Wazanji Prison the police had no clue were to take me, and a phone call came urging them to take me to the hospital.

We went to a hospital in Petauke and the doctor clearly told prison officials and the police that my situation was extremely bad and I had to be admitted; but one court official destroyed the hospital book and threw me back in the police van.

The police officers and court officials disregarded the doctors advice and started driving back to Chipata were one stupid police officer whom I can identify said kiss your life good bye.

Two minutes drive out of the hospital another phone call came in, telling the police officers to drop me back at Wazanji Prison for the magistrate had refused to have the case transferred to Chipata saying “why should Max’s case be so special to be transferred”.

I must confess that throughout the whole deal I could clearly see my two sons and daughters but I could not physically touch them.

I remember hearing a voice telling me “all this will come to pass and greatness is awaiting you”, hence my confidence coming into play.

The fourth day in prison I was visited by intercity commander 1, Commando Francis and Daryl, and I only realised that I was disfigured when I saw the look at their faces.

Toady as I write I have formally employed the guy who was my captain in prison who served 5 years because I feel it’s my duty to help former inmates who seem to be rejects in society.

I want to thank God for my life and everyone that was in support of me but most importantly the people that wrongly accused me and influenced the police officers to brutally beat me and lock me up.