FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says the football body has successfully completed the process of selecting a national team coach who will soon be unveiled to the public when government is notified.

Speaking to journalists following the FAZ Copperbelt provincial conference, Kamanga said the association’s decision will be tabled before the executive committee for ratification on Saturday, after which government would be notified.

“So, you can clearly see that we need to have the coach like yesterday but unfortunately, as you would expect with due process, the process took long but we had to follow it because that’s what government directed. The process is complete; I have just explained that the interviewing panel did their part. They brought it to the technical committee. We finished our part; it’s now going to the exco, which will be this Saturday and after this Saturday, government will be informed and after that, the announcement will be made,” Kamanga said.

He said the association followed the guidelines outlined by government throughout the selection process and did not go outside what was included in the advert.

“…having taken everyone on board, I’m happy to report that even on the interview panel, there was a representative from government from the National Sports Council so we have basically covered all the elements and we expect very little delays going forward. Like I stated, it is very important that we…the coach appointed immediately so that he can…prepare the team for the World Cup qualifiers in March, take the team to AfCON in Cameroon…,” said Kamanga.