NKANA has reinstated the club’s Supporters National Executive Committee which was dissolved two months ago following a protest against administration of affairs of the super league side.

Supporters Committee national chairperson Emmanuel Zulu said the decision was arrived at following a meeting with the football club’s executive committee over the weekend where pertinent issues were addressed.

Zulu said the two parties had reconciled and agreed to work together and find solutions to challenges faced by the club amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

“The Nkana Football Club Supporters National Executive Committee was invited by the Nkana Football Club Executive Committee to a meeting concerning club issues as well as to engage and find a common working ground. The meeting was very cordial and sober and discussed pertinent issues concerning the club. The two parties agreed to work together and the alleged dissolution of the fans body was lifted henceforth as reconciliation took place,” Zulu said.

“As we are all aware, the COVID-19 has brought inertia on clubs in terms of finances, the meeting therefore called on both the club exco and supporters exco to find solutions to sustain the club in the midst of challenges the club is facing. During the deliberations, certain initiatives were floated by both parties and the supporters’ exco was incorporated into a committee which has been set up to look at viable projects that could potentially raise the required revenue to meet club expenses and bridge the deficit the club may have.”

He said the information gap between supporters and the club’s top officials had since been bridged and that henceforth, supporters would regularly receive updates on issues taking place within the super league side.

“As an executive body which represents the fans, we would like our fans to note that the meeting was not called to discuss the fans’ petition which has been submitted to Mopani as that is an issue sitting with Mopani. As you may be, aware, the supporters exco has been engaging Mopani Copper Mines on various issues affecting the club. We would like to affirm that such engagements shall continue as Mopani has indicated that their doors are open to reasonable engagements for the betterment of the club. The Nkana supporters shall continue receiving regular feedback on pertinent issues happening at the club as the information gap between the Club and the supporters has been bridged. We therefore appeal to each and every Nkana Supporter to believe in us as we continue to seek ways to improve our legendary and historical club. We also ask for continued support as we drive the cause of the supporters,” said Zulu.