The Zambia Bodybuilding Federation says it held a consultative meeting on Saturday to discuss ways of promoting in-house competitions and consequently growing the sport in the country.

And the president also says the federation will look for ways of attracting the female folk to the sport.

ZBBF president Emmanuel Chimuka noted that in-house competitions would expose the sport at local level where bodybuilding gyms are located thus, attracting more muscle builders.

Speaking to Goal Diggers! Chimuka said the federation also talked about re-organising their events calendar and ensuring all set goals are reached and thoroughly worked on. He mentioned the annual general meeting as one of the main topics discussed during the consultative meeting. “We will be having AGM elections next year where we are looking forward to electing people that have the zeal to take our sport to another level. We want our sportsmen and women to elect people they have full confidence in and speak their language,” explained Chimuka.

The president also expressed happiness in the escalating number of competitors in the country.

“The number of bodybuilders that compete has tremendously increased. Just last year we had two categories for Mr Zambia because the competitors were too many to be squeezed into one category so we had both a senior and junior category,” said Chimuka.

Queried on the availability of sponsorship for the sport, Chimuka said there was a notable increase in the number of entities that had come on board to sustain the growth of the sport. He said sponsors were easily accessible now than it was two years ago when some competitions were cancelled owing to lack of funds.

“I must mention that as a federation, we do not only want to receive sponsorship from the corporate world but also give them reasons to continue supporting us. It should be a balanced relationship because everyone wants to rip where they sow,” says Chimuka.

The president also said the federation will look for ways of attracting the female folk to the sport. He notes that most women were shy to join the male-dominated sport yet they do not shy away from fitness.

“We will appeal to the female folk to feel free to join the sport when we hold the Mr Copperbelt competition next month,” said Chimuka.

The federation president has since warned bodybuilders against using unacceptable substances or drugs that he said have dire side effects.