First Lady interacts with special needs children

First Lady Esther Lungu carrying one of the physically challenged children Emmanuel Miti at Zambia Institute of Special Education today - picture by Thomas Nsama

First Lady Esther Lungu today interacted with physically challenged children at Zambia Institute of Special Education.

After listening to some of their challenges, she pledged to contribute K10,000 monthly, to the college for one year.

“I am aware that the college faces a number of challenges in its operations. I have since pledged to be contributing K10,000 every month until next year,” said First Lady Esther.

“I was happy when I heard that the children being used for teaching practice are those from vulnerable homes around Lusaka. This will show communities that all those negative myths they have heard about the disabled children are not true.”

Esther also flagged off this year’s Women’s Day activities under the theme: ‘Promoting inclusiveness in economic participation as a means of attending sustainable development’.

Below are some more images from the event taken by Thomas Nsama.


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