Congolese R&B Rumba maestro Fally Ipupa is back in Lusaka to do his signature wiggle dance that has captivated female fans across the world.

At a press conference held at East Park Mall yesterday ahead of this Friday’s concert, Fally said women and nature inspire him.

“Musically I’m inspired by women and nature. I always want to be better than before I love to be loved and hate to be hated. I’ve already collaborated with my brother JK, and I’m open to collaborations with any serious artiste, with talent and good image,” he said.

He also addressed concerns that tickets for his shows where too expensive.

“I’m not the one that put the ticket prices it’s the promoters. The price is okay, and I think I deserve the price that the tickets are going for. We have more songs more dance and more clothes.
This Friday is going to be exceptional it’s going to be different. You gonna love it just pay, Its good just to support. Sorry my English is poor,” said the French Kiss singer whose show is going for K1,000, K750, K500 and K250.

And promoter Lusaka businessman Mark Mubalama promised to get Zambian artistes to perform in Congo.

“Another thing I would like to add I will be on Fally, next time he has a show in Lubumbashi. I’m gonna ask him to have a Zambian on stage because you don’t want to have Fally all the time and no Zambian artiste in Congo. For your show in Lubumbashi I’m bringing Cleo Ice Queen and Slap Dee,”said Mubalama.