POLICE have tear-gassed UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, his vice Geoffery Bwalya Mwamba and other party officials within the Lusaka High Court building.

This was after the adjournment of a case in which they have petitioned the High Court to determine whether their rights were infringed upon when the Constitutional Court dismissed their election petition on a technicality without hearing it.

As Hichilema was about to exit the Lusaka High Court building, police surged towards him and fired tear-gas, chocking him along with his party officials and lawyers.

Hichilema and his entourage sought refuge in one of the offices but his security quickly whisked him out of the building before police could pounce again.

Earlier, police also tear-gassed UPND supporters who had been waiting for an update on the petition on the High Court grounds.

Several people were injured in the fracas and police arrested over twenty people including Prime TV reporter Kalani Muchima and Mulondwe Muzungu.

By press time, the charges were not yet known.

Commenting on the incident, GBM claimed he was aware that the police had been sent by President Edgar Lungu to kill them.

“It is so shocking that police can just start tear gassing innocent people who are peacefully waiting for an update. But I am not shocked because I know that that battalion was sent to kill me and HH so that they can succeed with their hopes to have a complete dictatorship. But it will not work because even though they eliminate us, someone else will arise and continue the fight for freedom,” said GBM.

More details to follow.