POLICE spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo says the police officer who was filmed dancing in uniform while brandishing a PF undergarment and singing praises for President Edgar Lungu has been identified.

She said the officer, Sergeant Katontoka, had been charged with discreditable conduct under the Police Act.

“A tribunal will soon be set up to hear the case, and disciplinary action may follow, the misconduct is not dismissible but the tribunal may recommend that Mr Katontoka be demoted, or that he forfeits half of his salary to the State,” Katongo said.

She said it was also possible that the Tribunal would either verbally admonish him or give him a written warning.

Katongo said Sergeant Katontoka would continue discharging his duty in his capacity before the hearing.

Last week, a 28-second video of Sergeant Katontoka dancing at the Police Officer’s Mess and flashing a PF symbol went viral on social media, sparking widespread criticism.