FDD spokesperson Antonia Mwanza says expelled vice-president Chifumu Banda cannot speak on behalf of the party.

Yesterday, Banda told a media briefing that Nawakwi had run down the FDD and accused her of trying to manipulate the party constitution so that it could allow her to stand for a third term of office.

He also said there was need to hold a party convention, thereby launching a ‘Save FDD Committee’.

But in an interview yesterday, Mwanza said Banda was still expelled from the party and had no authority to comment on FDD decisions.

“That the so called Save FDD Committee is an illegal, null and void. The FDD Constitution clearly outlines the Committees of our Party and the so called Save FDD Committee is not one of them hence all its pronouncements and activities are null and void and must be treated with the contempt they deserve,” Mwanza said.

“Mr Chifumu Banda remains expelled from the Party and has no locus standi to comment on the activities and decisions of the Party hence we as a party will not waste our time responding to him.”

Mwanza also said the party was united in supporting Nawakwi’s leadership.

“The FDD remains united and is firmly behind the leadership of President Edith Nawakwi. All members of the party are encouraged to continue making contributions towards hosting of the convention,” said Mwanza.