UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has apologised to Radio Phoenix reporter Silumesi Malumo and his Millennium Radio counter part Prisca Limingu, who were this afternoon harassed by opposition party cadres.

In this audio, HH says he has ordered UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka to meet the three reporters tomorrow to apologise on behalf of the party, adding that he would also make an effort to talk to the journalists directly.

HH further explains that the UPND is a proponent of free media and it was unfortunate that the party was caught on the other side of the divide.

“We in the UPND do not condone suppression of the media, and the reports which came today where some journalists were harassed, we do not condone that. We want the media to operate freely, it’s upto them how they cover our stories,” said HH.

“To this effect I have ordered an investigation into what happened at our press briefing. We want to be covered and criticised by the media. We want to apologise for anything of that nature, we want to chat with them (harassed journalists), I want to send my Secretary General to talk to them so that we can establish exactly what happened.”