Southern Province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso has with immediate effect ordered all traffic police officers in the region to stop using personal vehicles when mounting traffic roadblocks or when conducting any government operations.

In a statement released yesterday, Kapeso said the directive came in the wake of continued concerns from members of the public that traffic officers had turned their personal vehicles into mobile offices at their point of operations thereby compromising the professional ethics and standards of police.

“Any officer disobeying this directive will severely be dealt with and risks being reverted to general duties in our quest to remain relevant, professional and transparent in executing of police duties,” Kapeso said.

He said officers will instead be dropped at operational points and picked therefrom, using government transport marked as police vehicles.

“In light of the above, members of the public are free to report any police officer using personal vehicles as payment officers to my office without fear,” said Kapeso.

“Traffic officers are expected to remain on the roads while working as opposed to officers sitting in their cars while doing their patrols.”