PF lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube says if the violence being experienced in the country is not addressed, anarchy will reign.

In a statement today, KBF condemned the bloody fight between PF and UPND cadres at Lusaka Memorial Park graveyard on Saturday.

“We belong to political parties so that we can share ideas, we can share beliefs, we can share principles and grow those ideas to build this country. Youths must stop hurting each other and begin building each other and begin building the future of this country hand in hand. Whether you come from the ruling party or from the opposition political party, regardless of your political affiliation, we must learn to live in harmony and in difference to all the differences that may exist between the two groups, three groups, or four groups of people that are in politics and arise and build this country,” KBF said.

“This violence we are seeing today has been recorded in history in other countries, and if we are not careful, it can plunge the country into proper chaos where anarchy begins to reign. It really does hurt that the love of this country is not being considered, the youths are forgetting the history of this country. Fights such as these happened during the Mayibuye days when the ANC was fighting…and UNIP and we saw how people got killed, others got disfigured, is that what we want? I have first hand witnessed violence and seen injured people in political violence. It is not a pretty site.”

KBF urged citizens to fight violence before it became uncontrollable.

“Let us fight this violence before we take it to a level where it will become uncontrollable, unstoppable, unchangeable. My fellow Zambians, we only have one Zambia, that is the only nation we have; One Zambia! It is very sad that as a nation, our morals will be degraded, ignored and totally violated at a grave yard. I am touched and disturbed because of what I have read on social media, what I have head on the news, and what is more disturbing is that the youth of this country can fight to blood pulp and fight to injure themselves all because of political differences. Fifty years plus after independence, this has disturbed me,” KBF said.

Fube appealed to youths to stop being used as tools of violence in the name of satisfying their pay masters.

“Youths I am appealing to you to stop this behavior of being used by politicians or acting on impulse as if to impress a paying master so that you can get a little ngwee, a little Kwacha just because you are singing praises of a political party. My appeal is to the youths, the youths must realise and accept that they have a choice to do the right thing, a choice to heal each other as opposed to hurting each other. This is very important for the future of this country, we only have one Zambia, and as a people we must choose to do what is right,” he said.

He also stressed the need for union regardless of party affiliation.

“Our union ought to be considered as the main fulcrum of our liberty, our union as a people must always come first beyond our differences. We only have one Zambia, we only have one nation. Before our various differences come to play, we must choose to be called Zambians, united together. And whether we like it or not! We are all Zambians and accordingly, we are one people. Let us build and not destroy. Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle, we are called brothers in principle, we are the ruling party (Patriotic Front), we are the opposition UPND, FDD, Zambia Democratic Party, NAREP, we are called all these names but we are just people,” said KBF.

“If there be anyone among us who wishes to dissolve the union of Zambia or to change the Republic of Zambia, let them stand undisturbed and face them on the political battlefield with ideas and not weapons so that we convince them to understand the importance of this unity, the importance of staying together. Let us with courage and confidence pursue our dreams and principles without fighting. Let us debate the issues that we want using ourselves as pillars of democracy. Sometimes it is said that a man cannot be trusted with a government of himself, can he then be trusted with the government of others?”