Police in Northern Province have arrested two Zambians and one Congolese national for being in possession of dangerous explosives.

Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene confirmed this to News Diggers! in an interview.

“We have detained three people, two Zambians and one Congolese national. For the time being we don’t want to disclose their particulars because that may jeopardize the investigations because of the sensitivity of the case. They were looking very suspicious and when we searched them, we found five items with them as follows; nika powder, five packets of urea fertilizer, two litres of sulfuric acid, seven explosives, and some iron stones. So now we have detained them because we want to ascertain the motive behind because these explosives are quiet dangerous and when you combine those items I don’t know what compound you can make,” said Mweene.

“So again here our gratitude goes to the people of Northern Province for their alertness and also for working with the police. Because of our working relationship with the people of Northern province, we have this information.”