A Zambian student studying China’s Hebei University has been chased from school after exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms.

And students who sought anonymity studying in China have expressed disappointment that the Zambian Embassy in Beijing was not being helpful.

The Business and Economics student, identified as Mulube, who is currently in transit to Zambia confirmed that he had been discharged from the Chinese University on ground that he had been “exposed”.

According to a letter from Shijiazhuang city leader, addressed to Wamulungwe Nambula, the education attaché’ at the Zambian Embassy in Beijing, the school authorities ordered the student to leave China on Monday March 23, 2020.

“I refer to the above subject matter. The mentioned student was on Monday 23rd, 2020 was ordered to leave China and return to Zambia by the school management after he was admitted at hospital for a blood clot problem. According to the details, the student fell sick and he immediately informed the school management who took him to a hospital where he was hospitalised. He was told to leave for Zambia today at 00:10 midnight Chinese time, on Ethiopian airlines. This report came late to the city leader, hence, the late reporting to the Zambian Embassy. Nevertheless, any guidance or advice regarding this matter will be highly appreciated,” stated the city leader.

According to correspondence seen, the Zambia Embassy in China asked the student to report the case to the Chinese Embassy in Lusaka.

“Shame! Let the student contact the embassy as soon as he gets to Zambia so we can get the details and follow up. We will follow up after he reports officially to the embassy with full details and contacts of the school,” responded Nambula

When reached for a comment, Mulube confirmed the matter but said he was still resolving his flight issues to Zambia.

His fellow students who helped him through the ordeal narrated to News Diggers! that Mulube had been hospitalised for a different ailment.

“The other day he wasn’t feeling well, he had a heart burn and he wanted to go to the hospital. He told the school authorities that he needed to go to the hospital, hoping that he would be admitted back in the University instead of being sent to Zambia. They even assured him that ‘you will come back’. He was admitted to the hospital for something else that was nothing serious. After being discharged, he was told ‘you can’t go back to school you have been exposed’,” narrated his fellow students who sought anonymity.

“He told them he didn’t have money to go back to Zambia but they told him that they would credit him a K10,000. He was told he was going against the school rules. The doctor spoke to the school authorities that he didn’t have a problem but they couldn’t listen. When you complain about something, they threaten to chase you out of the country,” complained the students.

The students narrated that Mulube got further stranded after the flight he was put on was canceled.

“He sent a voice note in the group that the flight he was supposed to be on has not been allowed to land in China because the Chinese government has not allowed it. Right now he is in Beijing. So as the Embassy, what are they doing about it? He doesn’t have where to go because his flight has been cancelled and if he can’t sleep at the Zambian Embassy for two days, he will be sick. There is a house in Beijing at least if they are not going to help him they should accommodate him for the night. There is already another student who has been at the airport for three days. They are sleeping at the airport and being exposed to worse. If the Embassy is not going to welcome them, who is going to receive them?” wondered the concerned student.