Patriotic Front Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says the ruling party would not be happy to see over 8,000 owing University of Zambia students failing to write exams.

And Bwalya says the ruling party does not care if expelled Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba kambwili forms a political party because he is free to do.

Speaking on UNZA Radio’s Lusaka Star program yesterday, Bwalya, who is also member of the PF Central Committee, said he hoped an amicable solution would be found which would not disadvantage students as well as UNZA management.

“I am aware that honorable Stephen Kampyongo who is also our National Youth Chairman commented on this matter and because the majority of the people in the university are youth, we take it that he is the right person to have commented on this. They sit together in Cabinet with the Minister of Higher Education , there is no reason for us not to believe that the two would talk and that they would discuss these matters even with the President and that at the end of the day, something amicable would come up that would not disadvantage the students, that would not disadvantage the university because each side has got a reasonable justification that they have taken. We wouldn’t be happy to see the students leaving the university,” Bwalya said.

And Bwalya it was not the business of PF if Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge teamed up to form a political party because the Constitution allowed them to do so.

“Only UNIP managed to stop groups of people from forming political parties at that time when the Constitution did not allow any person to belong to other political parties. But later on the Constitution was amended and MMD was formed and thereafter, Zambians have been very free to form political parties, I also formed one, so if they [Kambwili and Musenge] want to form a political party it’s none of our business because we have a political party which is performing and Zambians have a lot of confidence in this political party and that confidence is rising because of our performance and we can make it even higher. So we are focusing on that and we want to believe that a kick on an elephant does not stop it from drinking water,” said Bwalya.

“You see when one leaves a political party, there are always others that go with them, when Dr Guy Scott left to go and support the UPND there are some people who agreed with him and went with him. Similarly, our brother Miles who has counseled these our colleagues about forming a political party from his own personal experience that that’s what happens.”