President Edgar Lungu has noted the importance of peace and security if development is to flourish in the SADC region.

According to State House managed Smart Eagles Facebook page, President Lungu said this when he delivered his first speech since the election of Zambia as deputy chair of the organ on politics defence and security.

President Lungu noted that Zambia would enjoy the distinct privilege to serve the region in championing peace and security.

“I wish to thank the member states for electing Zambia as the deputy chairperson on the organ on politics defence and security. I am deeply humbled and delighted for this opportunity,” said President Lungu.

“…We continue to attach great importance to these issues because of our shared understanding that peace and security are indispensable to development and prosperity.”

President Lungu was in South Africa to attend the SADC summit after officiating at inauguration of Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.