State House press aide Amos Chanda says he has not stollen any money from government, but people should not expect him to be worth the same as he was, because he is earning an income.

And Chanda says people should stop clapping for Chishimba Kambwili’s nonsense talk because the Roan PF member of parliament is “a down right thief” whose criminality was well documented.

In an interview with News Diggers, Chanda who is former Zambia Daily Mail news editor said it was shocking that Kambwili could be questioning his wealth as if he was not in employment.

“Kambwili is saying a person with such qualifications cannot acquire wealth. I am not saying I have acquired US$10 million, I am simply saying the way I was when I had a diploma from Evelyne Hone College cannot be the same now. Even next year, I don’t think I will be worth the same, if don’t get distracted by anything,” Chanda said.

He wondered if people expected a person who earns an income to acquire diseases instead of wealth.

“I am not saying I will steal; even if I did not steal, I will earn some money and earning some money is acquiring wealth. So the point I am making is that, the allegations against me, unless you have heard anything, I have not heard anyone who is saying… they are just saying ‘Amos has acquired wealth’, so what do they expect me to acquire, poverty and diseases? I am asking this question,” Chanda asked.

“They are accusing me of corruption, they are saying I have bought Wayaya [Restaurant] and destroyed houses. There is actually no house that has been destroyed there. This is just a season of malice.”

And Chanda charged that Kambwili was a metal thief.

“People have been poisoned by a poisonous elite, people who are accustomed to lies like Kambwili, a scrap metal dealer, a downright straight thief. He can question about me and say ‘a simple journalist’ [has acquired wealth] lets assume I am a simple journalist but I am qualified, more qualified than he is, but he goes and says a simple journalist. A scrap metal dealer, and you have a population clapping in the context like that one. Kambwili is talking nonsense and the population is clapping for him, he goes to malign an innocent person and the population is cheering on. He is a metal thief, well documented. He is not even a scrap metal dealer, he is a thief,” charged Chanda.

“And even you journalists, if he tells me simple, what about the rest of you? Can you imagine what he says about you. That is why people are discouraged to go into public office.”