Nkana PF Member of parliament Alexander Chiteme has vehemently denied leading PF cadres to disrupt an NDC meeting in Mufulira last weekend saying his tummy cannot even allow him to run 100 metres, if chaos ensued.

And Chiteme says Bemba proverbs and jokes will not get Kambwili to State House because he is just imitating Michael Sata.

Chiteme, who is also a member of the Parliamentary Accounts Committee, was invited to discuss the Auditor General’s report by Hot FM but spent most of the time attacking Kambwili.

“I was in Mufulira yes, only because when we were having a meeting in Kitwe at my restaurant; myself, honourable [Emmanuel] Mulenga, Thabo Kawana and the provincial chairman, [we were] strategising on a rally that we are planning to have on the Copperbelt. We received a phone call saying that there has been confusion in Mufulira and part of the people who were there have been arrested. We said let’s go to Mufulira and find out. When we reached Mufulira, the whole confusion had already happened and finished. We went directly to the police station where we found honourable Chishimba Kambwili in the company of Mwenya Musenge, Misheck Moyo and the former chancellor [NDC national youth chairman Charles] Kabwita. We found them at the police station. They had already finished their meeting. We even greeted and shook hands and laughed about the whole issue,” Chiteme narrated.

“Two hours later, there was a posting on The Mast Online and on Chishimba Kambwili’s Facebook page saying cadres led by Nkana member of parliament and Ndola central member…are you sure? The way I’m looking with my tummy, I can lead cadres in a stone-throwing contest? I can’t even run 100 meters for crying out loud!”

He said Kambwili should not dent his name just because he did not want to be part of NDC.

“Chishimba Kambwili has to be very careful the way he does his politics. He shouldn’t draw me in politics of violence. I am not a violent person. Just because I have refused to join their movement, doesn’t make me an enemy. If I don’t want to join NDC, it doesn’t mean that I have to be thrown to the wolves or I have to be dented. There have been several approaches by all of them calling me on my phone ati mwaiche make up your decision. Mwaiche do this. So, if I don’t want to join them, they shouldn’t now start mudslinging me,” Chiteme said.

And Chiteme said Bemba idioms and jokes would not get Kambwili to State House.

“I feel that people that are quick with their mouth, people that are going to lie to the people…I have been in this studio before telling you to say that Zambia needs to move away from politics of lies. Zambia needs to move away from politicians that think that Bemba idioms or Bemba sayings are going to get them to State House. Zambia needs to move from people who think when they can crack a joke and say rubbish things and people applaud, thinking that’s an economic base where people can actually get tapping from. That doesn’t happen! So when you listen to people like Chishimba Kambwili, you need to be very careful because the man is a liar. The man wants to imitate the politics of the late president Micheal Sata. He wants to bring jokes in politics, he wants to bring Bemba sayings in politics thinking that the Bemba sayings are going to sell him out,” Chiteme said.

He asked Kambwili to stop holding on to the PF ticket while doing NDC work.

“We have called on Chishimba Kambwili several times to say ‘ba Chishimba Kambwili if you want to be free to do your own NDC issues don’t hold on to the PF ticket’. Because whatever wrong NDC does, with our member of parliament honourable Chishimba Kambwili with them is also going to be a dent on our name because honourable Chishimba Kambwili is standing on the PF ticket. Even right now when we are voting in parliament, we have one vote that is voting with the UPND. It is not being called NDC, it is not being called UPND sympathiser, it is called PF member of parliament for Roan. He still bears the name of PF. He still bares the identity of the party so he should decide whether he wants to be in NDC. he said.

On the Auditor General’s report, Chiteme said some culprits had already been reported to the ACC.