Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili says he has no intentions of reconciling with President Edgar Lungu because his goal is to become Head of State.

Addressing a ‘consultative’ National Democratic Congress meeting at the Ndola swimming pool on Sunday, Kambwili, who is the party’s political consultant, said he was tired of being driven on bumpy roads so he was ready to take over the car.

“There is a lot that has been said that me I want to reconcile with him (President Lungu) and become minister. I have told them that I am no longer interested in being minister, I want to be called Mr President,” Kambwili, who was flanked by his wife, said.

“If it is reconciliation he wants, let him step down and leave the presidency for me. If it is reconciliation he wants, let him step down and leave me in office instead of saying ‘be Minister of Defense’, I am past that now. I have served as minister and all of you know how I work…I am tired being driven on bad roads, now I want to be the driver. I am not like those who say ‘I have no vision, for me, I have a vision and my vision is to build major manufacturing industries based on the agricultural sector which will be biased to value addition.”

Kambwili insisted that before President Lungu got into office, he looked like a kwashoka and marasmus patient.

“This leadership has turned this country into a den of thieves. We keep him, give him everything but he keeps stealing from you the people…look at this picture, before we came into office, I was much fatter than I am today, [NDC secretary general Mwenya] Musenge looked the same but for him, he looked like he was from a war torn country or like he was suffering from kwashoka. Now if you see him today, he has become so rich,” he said.

He said he had nothing against the PF but President Lungu’s rotten leadership.

“I am PF but this thing (NDC consultancy) seems to be so sweet! I think I am wasting my time as consultant. In January you will know better. I don’t hate PF, I hate the rotten leadership of Lungu and his MMD. I have nothing against PF, but its rotten leadership,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili boosted that he has made the PF to jack up and deliver to the people.

“Look at what happened in Luanshya, I am NDC consultant but when I speak, they follow and act because they are scared. I felt bad about what happened at Kapalala market at Main Masala after the marketeers were cheated. I said let me take a walk in the market. Just after I left, there comes this boy minister [Bowman] Lusambo in jackets and there people were given cash K500. Who worked? It is Chishimba Kambwili! So when they hear imbwili, they jack up,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili took a swipe at Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe saying he was not fit for the job.

“This man surely…when you are Presidential Affairs Minister, you represent the President. But what does that man with gray hair know? Umugulu! Umugulu ati presidential affairs minister. What can come out of this man? The quality of government is determined by its quality of ministers,” said Kambwili.