If I were UPND, I would have pushed PF to the ocean until they drown since they are already in the boat, says Wynter Kabimba after the opposition political party won a Constitutional Court decision against former ministers who stayed in office illegally.

And the Rainbow Party leader has rubbished former finance minister Alexander Chikwanda’s argument against the ConCourt order, saying people must not listen to “tumidala monga tubene Chikwanda tuli monga tufuna kumwalila”.

Meanwhile, Kabimba says 2018 will be a mobilisation year for the leftist party.

We was speaking in an interview with News Diggers.

“There is no need of obtaining a judgment that is of no use just to be in your hands. If I were UPND, I would have pushed PF to the ocean until they drown since they are already in the boat. I would have made sure that the boat capsizes, I would have pushed them to the brink. Because I have got a judgment, I would have gone back to the court either before a single judge of the Constitutional Court or the deputy registrar with a list of all the ministers who were there and it’s easy. You can file an application to get the Secretary to the Treasury to come and tell the court how much each one got. You get an order of the court to produce [a list of what is owed] but they don’t know how to do it. When you tell them they say ‘no, our legal team is looking into the matter’. Your legal team which is just kaput and doing nothing,” Kabimba said.

“Get a judgment and let us help you interpret it. Don’t just listen to tumidala monga tubene Chikwanda tuli monga tufuna kumwalila (don’t just listen to old men like Chikwanda who look as if they are about to die), the man must just pay. The judgment has got nothing to do with whether or not you like Edgar, it has everything to do with what the judgment is saying. The judgment does not say the President must pay on behalf of the minister, it says each minister must pay. Whether you have left PF or you are still with PF, whether you have left government or you are in NDC now, you must pay to the national treasury. Everybody involved must pay.”

He said Chikwanda’s argument meant nothing as the ConCourt decision was final.

“There is a court judgment which says ministers must pay, so this is no longer anybody’s opinion. So Mr Chikwanda is not arguing with me, there is no need for me to expend by breath arguing with him, he is arguing with the court judgment. Everyone is bound and if you look at the Constitution, it says the decision of the Constitutional Court is final,” Kabimba said.

“Nobody should absorb themselves, nobody should appear clean. And nobody must pay on behalf of another person. The decision of the constitutional court is final. So you can go to London, you can go to the moon, you can go and meet Trump and speak, the judgment is final. It doesn’t matter whom you are going to see.”

Meanwhile Kabimba said his party will focus on mobilisation next year.

“We will be referring our 2018 as our mobilisation year. We will be spending 2018 doing field work. We spent 2017 disseminating the message using TV and Radio and we are pleased with the response from the general public. So in short it will be ‘mobilisation year, 2018’ we don’t what to be a Facebook political party. We want to be a people’s political party, a party that connects with people,” said Kabimba.