Patriotic Front Lusaka Province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba says political parties that want to help in the cleaning exercise of Lusaka City must approach the local authority and get involved without politicising the matter.

Speaking in an interview with News Diggers yesterday, Kamba said the initiative to clean the city was aimed at supplementing the council’s inadequate manpower in improving sanitation in the Central Business District.

“We are cleaning the town to make sure that there is good sanitation all round. We are not doing it as PF alone. We helped the council because the council doesn’t have manpower and the traders were not enough to clean up the city in a day, and this is why we came in and assisted the same vendors because they are the ones who are littering the town. So us as the party and the vendors, we are assisting the council by providing manpower. That is all. Our role was to make sure that we leave the town better than we found it.

Kamba urged the street vendors engaged in cleaning exercise not to politicise the initiative as it was meant for their own good health.

“Maybe it is making some other political parties sick. Us, we did it and that is an initiative of the government in power which is PF because we know that the government is there because of the PF. So when the people start blaming the government, the blame will go on the party because it is the party which was there before the government. And this is why we are making some initiative to save our name as the party in government,” said Kamba.

“I don’t know if other political parties really want to be joining us, But of course, the vendors who were there, I cant tell which political party they support. They saw to it that it was fit for them to clean the city. They should ask the council who are the initiators. It is not Kamba to allow the UPND or the MMD or the Rainbow party to join the council to clean the city. It is the council. The local authority here is the council not the PF. We approached the council and the council allowed us. So if they want to join the council, let them go through the same channel. If somebody is putting on a Chitenge material for PF, then he supports the calls of that party, he support the policies of that party, I believe so. If you see somebody putting on a UPND regalia in town, he supports the calls of UPND.”